Reward Program


Welcome to our Reward Program!

We are really happy to announce that we made a custom reward program just for you! Why did we made this? Because you are the most important part of our brand. You are the reason why we even exist and this reward program is one of our way to say thank you.

The concept is pretty simple. Let us explain how it works.


  • First of all, to have access to the program, you need to create a customer account. You can also create an account by clicking the button in the bottom of this page. When this is done, you will receive your first Tropical Points by email! 100 points to be exact.


To earn more Tropical Points, there is more than one way. First way is to sign up.


  • Second way, is by buying our products. By doing so, you will receive 5 Tropical Point for every US dollar* you will spend.

  • The third way is by far the easiest one. Just follow us on Instagram! You will automatically earn 50 Tropical Points! To do that, click on the Reward Program button in the bottom of this page, after, click on ''Earn More'' and then click on ''Follow''.

    • Fourth way to earn is by waiting until it's your birthday! Because we love you, we will earn 300 Tropical Points. It is our way to say Happy Birthday and to make you a gift! :D You can update your birthday in your Tropical Points panel by clicking the Reward Program button in the bottom of this page.

      • Fifth way is by referring someone on our store! By making this, you will be sent a coupon code via email worth $5* ! What's also cool about that is that the person you refer will be sent a 10% OFF* coupon code! It means that both of you will receive a reward!


      For the button to work, you have to be already logged in your account. If you don't have one yet, you can click on the button and it will give you the choice to create one.

      When you will click on the button, it will redirect you to another page. Give it some time to load (usually 5 seconds) for the Tropical Points menu to appear.

      If you want to access your Tropical Points menu, you can do so by clicking the button below or by going to your account page.


      * The currency in our store is USD. If for example you purchase $58 USD worth of products, you will receive 290 Tropical Points.

      * Reward applicable for orders over $25 USD. Available for only one order.

      * Only available for one order.

      Reward Program

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