Coral Reef Alliance

Coral Reef Alliance

Our History

Originally founded in 1994 to galvanize the dive community around conservation, CORAL has grown from a small, grassroots alliance into a world-renowned organization with a history of successfully working with local communities in coral reef regions around the world to protect their coral reefs. We believe that for conservation to be durable, our interventions must be aligned with the social, cultural and economic needs of each community and that local leaders must be empowered to lead the effort. Now, we’re honing our strategies and tools to ensure that they benefit new places and new people.


Coral Reefs 101

From microscopic algae that provide energy for reef-building corals to large, predatory fish like sharks, the community that makes up a coral reef is one of the most fascinating, complex, and biologically diverse ecosystems on the planet. Sometimes referred to as “underwater rainforests,” coral reefs constantly bustle with life and activity—in fact, the reef itself is alive, made of tiny coral polyps.


What We Do

CORAL recognizes that our best chance to save coral reefs is in collaboration with the people who are most closely connected to coral reefs. In partnership with local communities, we take a multipronged approach to restoring and protecting coral reefs. Our signature initiatives are:

  • Healthy Fisheries for Reefs
  • Clean Water for Reefs
  • Intact Reef Ecosystems
  • Science of Adaptation

At the heart of our work are Adaptive Reefscapes – networks of healthy reefs that can adapt to climate change because they are diverse, connected and large.


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