Tonia Tkach

Artist and Illustrator. Works with different techniques and styles, preferring watercolor, graphics, computer graphics. For passed few years, she has been travelling a lot, and don't stick to a place for more than three months. But always carries with her a watercolor paints, laptop, album and a scanner. Shee meets her artworks all around the world - in storefronts, on children's T-shirts, postcards, backpacks, gift boxes ... Always open and excited for new interesting projects.

Stella Caraman

I am a freelance Illustrator & Designer currently living in Dracula’s Transylvania. My main fields of illustrations are poster design, brand illustrations and key visuals. I have started my creative adventure since a little child and have come through Russian influenced art school and graduated from the Graphics and Product Design University in 2008. Since then, I have been working independently as a graphic designer and illustrator. I am collecting all my sketchbooks and enjoying finding creative solutions in all my dilemmas, maintaining my creativity by sketching every day is my golden rule!

Blanca Limón

My name is Blanca Limón, I'm a graphic designer from San Nicolás, México. Drawing has always been my passion so it was easy for me to choose a career which involves drawing and being creative.

Gabriel Jiménez

Designing has always been in my life. I always liked to create, innovate, explore, and experiment. The art, for me, is the way I can put an extra light into my life, and in that way I can give light to people's life. I would like to say that what I do is "Visual Poetry".

Brandi Lea

Hi, I'm Brandi Lea! I'm a graphic designer & illustrator in Northwest Oklahoma. I specialize in custom branding and illustrations for creative businesses & entrepreneurs both locally and internationally. I've been designing for almost 8 years, and I plan on designing for many more years to come! In addition to designing, I also have an addiction to Pinterest, watching Netflix, playing with my adorable cat, and drinking coffee. Definitely coffee.

Daria Solomakha

Hello! My name Daria Solomakha. Watercolor artist from Russia. I express love for this world through watercolor! Since childhood I dreamed of drawing and now watercolor is my inspiration for life!

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